Other Dead Projects

Simplecard (2014)

A web app that allows users to write and mail a handwritten letter. The user's digital version of the letter would be outsourced to someone who:

  1. Wants to improve their handwriting
  2. Wants to earn extra side cash

The person would hand write the user's message on the chosen card and mail it to the address specified. 

The market for handwritten letters was small. The margins were thin. @JonCheng and I shut down after three months of work.

RiskCheck (2015)

A web app for financial advisors to assess the risk of potential clients. These days Financial Advisors see the most meaningful growth in their portfolio when they help a client, or a potential client roll over their 401K after retirement. The market offers FAs tools to begin this conversation with a potential client by helping them assess their risk. However, the tools currently available are very expensive and are too in-depth for someone the FA has never met... it is akin to a tutor attempting to win your business by making you take the SAT before meeting them.

Our product was live for 6 months before we shut it down. It lacked longevity as the QA needed to acquire and keep clients was much steeper than initially expected. It was meant to be a side project that would have simply sucked up too much time through continued software development and sales outreach.